Kelly Family Portraits

It was SO windy!!

But we had a good time anyway! The Kelly family is simply beautiful and they had a lot of fun playing at the beach. The littlest one didn't like the sand, so it was really silly when her father would hold her over it - she wouldn't let him! She loved being in her dad's arms, though, so that was good. And the oldest daughter is so brave! She just went off exploring on her own, into the water, fighting the waves. So cute, and they're all a pleasure to photograph!


Click over to Flickr to see a small selection. The rest will be posted on my proofs page once the family receives their package!


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  1. holy cow kallie! i checked out your stuff on flickr and i just can't believe those amazing shots! i loved them...and now i'm getting SUPER excited about doing a shoot here!!! yay for having such a talented friend like you!



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