Kallie signed up for A Bryan Photo's first workshop in Birmingham at the end of April. She's been keeping up with Bryan (our wedding photographer) for a long time, hoping he'd do a workshop at some point. Now that he is, we're going to lengths to make it so Kallie can go!

It's April 20-22, the week before Kallie's first wedding job back since Tova started growing in the belly. So after Birmingham, it's straight to Jacksonville. And David will be staying in Lakeland to work while Kallie's mom comes with Kallie and Tova to babysit. We'll also have just moved into our house, so lots will be happening at the same time!

A couple of days after Kallie sent in her deposit to save a seat at the workshop, Bryan announced the opportunity to win a paid-in-full scholarship to the workshop. So the past three days, we've been drawing up ideas and filming a video for Kallie's entry. David edited it, and we really like how it turned out:

ABP Scholarship Entry from Kallie Brynn on Vimeo.

Fingers are definitely crossed, as this trip will zero out the business bank account and push back buying a new computer yet again (this keeps getting pushed back and back...editing thousands of large photos on a little laptop isn't ideal, though it works.) We'll let you know what happens!!

Love, d&k.


    Bryan is going to love this video!
    Good luck!
    mom & dadT

  2. great video! Putting a cute baby in it sure doesn't hurt! Good luck!

  3. you guys never quit. seriously. that is what i love about yall.
    this sounds dumb, but i am so proud of you guys!

    the video is awesome. you are both awesome and your little pooper is awesome too.

    miss yall! if you need to take tove on an educational trip to teach her about the civil war and fried chicken, plane tickets to visit Auntie Neesh are only 50 bucks from orlando... just sayin.

  4. I love watching this!
    The Tovanator is SO CUTE!!!!

  5. Mr. Organic Owl makes another appearance. I love that little guy. That is SO cute! You should win, for sure. By the way, what email address do you use to log into blogger? I'll send you an invite to my blog; been meaning to do that.

  6. What a great video! I'm sorry to see you guys didn't win. You really should have!


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