Summer 2009 Video

We (mostly David) worked on a video this past week. It's from July and August of this year. Since the beginning of the video, Tova has learned to crawl, sit, stand, take a few steps while holding onto furniture, gotten two bottom teeth, and been to Georgia. She's an amazing little girl and her personality is too cute and silly for words.


Tova Summer 2009 from Kallie Brynn on Vimeo.

Learned to crawl, sit, and be an overall amazing kid!
About 6-7 months old.


  1. UM FIVE STARS to you guys! This video made my morning, she's so adorable (that little face she makes started me laughing out loud).

  2. Love the music, David! Who sings that song? You did a great job, and we will treasure it always. The tickle spot laugh is hysterical.
    mom & dadT

  3. Thanks! The song is "Sons and Daughters" by The Decemberists.

  4. Loved every minute of it.
    Watching her can't help but make you joyful deep down inside.

  5. this is going to sound so lame coming from someone you don't even know, but this sweet video brought tears to my eyes!
    what a happy and joyful little girl. she reminds me so much of mine!


  6. Not lame at all!

    I happened upon your blog and Flickr account today because my husband, David, sent me a link of Tim's new baby girl. We've met him a couple of times through David's sister and mostly keep up with things in your extended family because David knows Pete Young from growing up in Tampa. I love looking at all of the photos from your family! It's so fun to get inspiration and see other little families grow like ours!

    Looking through your Flickr account, I noticed that your baby girl is just a week younger than Tova. They are both so adorable - don't you love this age!

    Thank you for such sweet sentiments. Have a lovely week!


  7. oh wow, what a small world :) my sister is married to Pete's brother. but i guess maybe you already knew that!

    and yes, i do love this age. aside from the stresses of teething it has been awesome!

    your pictures are beautiful!


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