Tova's First Birthday Song

Tova First Birthday Song from Kallie Brynn on Vimeo.

Happy first birthday, Tova!

She turned ONE on January 7th and we threw a big extravaganza party for her birthday on the 9th. A HUGE thanks to our good friend, Matt Hires, who sang to T. Matt and his wife, Rachel, made Tova a mix CD when she was born that included Matt singing 'You Are My Sunshine;' and when T would have trouble going to sleep when she was a tiny thing, David would sing to Matt's albums and she would drift to sleep quite easily. So it was befitting to have Matt's familiar voice be a part of the party! Usually T dances when she hears music, but with about 50 people in our house, she wasn't quite comfortable with what was happening!

Photos from Tova's big first party to come, eventually. Unfortunately, it's not incredibly high on the list of things that need to get done right now!

Much love, dk&t

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