Hey everyone! I'm glad you made it over to the new blog.

Dkbuckmaster.blogspot.com doesn't have any plans for the future at the moment, so you'll need to be sure to update all of your subscriptions to kalliebrynn.blogspot.com!

You'll see that I transferred the important posts to this blog, but if you're looking for information on things like cloth diapers, you'll have to return to dkbuckmaster. Or you can always send me an email.

Again, I hope you love the new branding! I also developed a new "pricing sheet" that has all of the information you'll need laid out beautifully in a nice pdf file, so but sure to inquire about sessions and weddings (and book one!) to get the full new Kallie Brynn Photography experience!

I'm looking forward to the future. Thank you so much for all of your support!

Much love,


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