Santa Year 2

It was perfect. Just like last year.
(Sorry for the phone shot of 2009 - I don't know where the second copy is and I didn't take the time to get this one out of the frame and into the scanner.)

That morning, we were talking to T about going to see Santa. Her response was, "I might cry." Very calm and matter of fact, with a hint of sadness.

When we left, we asked her about Santa. She said, "I cried."

And don't you just love the Santa in her hand!? That was mine growing up. We were trying to coach T for days: "Santa is so nice! He's fun! We're going to see him!" Nope. Didn't work.

However, she loved the Snow Princess and stayed on her side for about 10 minutes while we waited in line: http://twitpic.com/3f0b9b.

I adore the cheesiness of these once-a-year photos.

We hope you're enjoying this fantastic winter! I've loved getting all bundled - in Florida!



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