Christmas on Film

Since being pregnant and then having Tova, I've been taking rain-checks on most holiday decorating. This Christmas, I was finally really excited to pull down all of the big plastic bins and see what decor we had stowed away (and I was prepared to chase T around to keep her from pulling it all down). For my love of tablescapes, I really wanted something festive and simple, that would make me smile every time I walked by. This was just perfect for me:
We had friends over for dinner and used our wedding china literally for the first time ever! The plates were set with holly branches from our yard and dark chocolate covered almonds - yum!
Christmas brunch was more relaxed - paper plates, ha!
Tova opened our stocking stuffer before family arrived. She loved Buzz and Woody from a Tag Junior book we have, so we decided she should learn their story! It was so great watching T rip through wrapping paper, ask for scissors, and get excited about her gifts this year. We really had a lovely Christmas.
And I hope you did, too! Happy 2011!


all images © Kallie Brynn Photography

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  1. Your photography is so gorgeous Kallie! Happy to have found you + your work. :) (I also giggled because growing up, my parents always had one of those German windmill/candleholders in our Christmas decor! I wish I could remember what they're called...)


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