David has become quite a chef over the last year or so. Our two-tier cupcake tower where our spices sat was always a complete mess. Something needed to change. It took several months, but we finally decided to buy three dozen Weck jars and label them with Japanese masking tape to hold our spices. Ah, they're so beautiful. The final step was the need for a spice rack - a custom one. We only had so much space between the counter and cabinets, the jars don't stack, and we wanted a single line to always be able to read the label. I had a great time measuring and planning out the design. My amazing dad went to work in his garage/workshop a week later, and here is our perfect final product!


A fine example of simple craftsmanship. Thanks, dad!

(I'll snap a color photo at some point - smoked paprika, mustard, sage, parsley, etc. all deserve to be shown in color, I'm well aware.)

Happy Thursday!

all images © Kallie Brynn Photography


  1. I've been on the lookout for new spice jars. I never even thought to use the Weck jars and I have some that I use in the bathroom. Perfect. And great custom spice rack, too. Can't wait to see it in color.

  2. Can your Dad make more?

    1. I'm not sure! You can email me at kallie.buckmaster[at]gmail.com if you'd like to discuss.

  3. What Weck jars are these?


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