I haven't disappeared.

Another month has passed and I'm just popping in (I loved our British hosts at our Grasse B&B - pop in here, pop in there...) to let you know I'm still around and thinking about you, blog readers!

It has been quite the busy month. We went to France, came back to a toddler getting her final 4 molars [and therefore acting like a teething baby, poor thing], had an unexpected death in the family, I went to my second funeral, developed an addiction for Pinterest, started planning my toddler's "big girl" room for whenever potty training finally takes hold, signed the tot up for swim lessons, spent precious time with family, and have been eagerly awaiting the email from Richard Photo Lab that my France photos are ready.

When we first got back to the states, greeted by a mess of catch-up and a teething girl, I had no interest in reflection of our trip or really talking about it at all. I hadn't been able to process anything. Now, I'm already wanting to plan our next trip back (particularly to the Luberon Valley and Gorges du Verdon)! Needless to say, I can't wait to write my reviews and tips to go along with my images as I get them ready for you to see! ...still waiting on that wonderful email.

SO - lots of great film (and maybe a few iPhone shots) to share in the near future. Stay tuned!

By the way, it's really good for you to take serious breaks every now and then. ;)

xox, Kallie


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