We're Moved, and Sad News

We've moved! We did it! We are officially Seattle residents. My parents even drove a truck with our furniture and things cross-country in a week, through snow storms. They rule.

We're now going through boxes and catching up on the last two months of insanity and work. I'm desperately hoping I haven't missed any important pieces of mail! And responding to emails is hit or miss. Apologies.

Then on Tuesday, I woke up to terrible news. My best friend from college, the one whom had I not met, I would have never met David, had a seizure from bleeding in her brain. This led to her brain swelling, sedation, and surgery to remove a part of her skull. She is currently showing signs of progress - moving limbs when a voice tells her to do so, good numbers and scans. But she is unconscious, and we can't predict the outcome on the other side of this. She's 26. She's been married to sweet Alex for less than two years. It's just hard to believe.

You probably recognize Katie. She has been such a huge part of my life, and I've been lucky enough to photograph some of her important moments:
Her Engagement
Her Rehearsal Dinner
My take on her Wedding

And I'm praising God that while we were in West Palm on January 6th, Katie and Alex had dinner with us. I'm holding on tightly to those laughs and those hugs.

So if you have a moment, please pray for Katie. Pray for her healing. Pray for her family, whom I'm blessed to say feel like an extension of my own. My heart hurts for them. Thank you for reaching out.

Katie love, stay strong, keep fighting, and come back to us. My life would be completely different had we never met. You truly changed my life as it was when we met each other as wandering freshmen. I love you so much.

Xoxo, Kallie


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