When Tova was Learning to Talk

We've been watching this video (that David edited) so much over the past few weeks. We love it. The three of us sit around and laugh and giggle the same as we do in the video - we just can't help it. And then we talk in baby-Tova-isms all day long. Enjoy!

Xo, Kallie

all images and video © Kallie Brynn Photography


  1. that seriously just made my day. she's so smart! not to mention adorable and i'm sure a joy to be around.

  2. Thanks, Lauren! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. She is indeed quite the smartie. And as we're getting out of the "terrible threes", I'm much more apt to agree that she's quite lovely to be around. ;) She definitely brings us joy. :) Hope you're well!


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