Smoothies - Part 2 - Green

I didn't think I would be a big green smoothie person. And honestly, I make it far less often than the smoothie from last week (we just can't get enough fruit in our house!) Thankfully, this is a great recipe for a tasty green smoothie that leaves you feeling so very refreshed. It has a nice pop of fruit, too. With fall upon us, if you're lucky enough to live north of Florida, head to your nearest orchard to pick some apples for a local treat!

3/4 cup chopped kale (de-stemmed)
one small stalk celery
one apple, cored
half banana
splash of apple juice
one tablespoon lemon juice
half cup ice
alt: cucumber*

*Add cucumber with or without skin.

You can play around with the amounts on this one a lot. I've found that more apple can be too overwhelming (sometimes I'll peel a portion of the apple) and I don't like too much celery. If I have fresh lemon, I'll toss some in the blender. You can also freeze banana halves (peel them first) ahead of time so that you can use less ice. The frozen bananas will be required for the next smoothie, so if you get in the habit, you'll them on hand anyway.

The biggest surprise with this smoothie was that Tova truly loves it! She loves it just as much as our Fave. I like it, and David can tolerate it. So just try it out for yourself. You may think it's awesome!

My general smoothie guidelines:
-Try your best to use frozen foods instead of ice. Your smoothie won't get watery if it needs to sit, and it keeps better in the fridge when you have leftovers. A good rule of thumb for a great consistency is using half frozen items and half fresh items.
-Don't add sugar. If you must, use honey or agave nectar.
-Use fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, buy everything else frozen.
-Always keep a good stash of frozen fruits in the freezer (I love Cascadian Farms). It's a terrible thing when all you want is a smoothie, but you're out of supplies!


Note: 120 Fuji 400H film on Contax 645 with Planar T* 80mm f2 lens.

all images © Kallie Brynn Photography

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