Smoothies - Part 4 - Strawberry-Flax

This is a yummy yogurt-based smoothie that I slightly altered from Real Simple magazine. I don't like yogurt, but my husband and daughter love this one. I use plain Oikos yogurt (we love Stonyfield products) and add in some fresh strawberries if they're in season. You can play around with yogurt flavors - vanilla would make it sweeter and less tart.

one cup frozen strawberries
half cup plain low-fat yogurt
half cup fresh orange juice
one tablespoon honey
one tablespoon flaxseed meal


My general smoothie guidelines:
-Try your best to use frozen foods instead of ice. Your smoothie won't get watery if it needs to sit, and it keeps better in the fridge when you have leftovers. A good rule of thumb for a great consistency is using half frozen items and half fresh items.
-Don't add sugar. If you must, use honey or agave nectar.
-Use fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, buy everything else frozen.
-Always keep a good stash of frozen fruits in the freezer (I love Cascadian Farms). It's a terrible thing when all you want is a smoothie, but you're out of supplies!


Note: 120 Fuji 400H film on Contax 645 with Planar T* 80mm f2 lens.

all images © Kallie Brynn Photography


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