Intentional Living: Coffee Products.

Get to school on time!
Compromise can be ok.
Quick coffee to help.

In my quest for healthier, more sustainable living, I’m always on the lookout for products that will help me use less plastic, create less waste, add to my family’s health, and hopefully be cost effective. When I feel like I've found a winner, I'll share some of those time-tested favorite products with you. Today, let's talk about one of my favorite subjects: coffee.

My daily morning coffee routine has become more of a compromise than you might assume. Yes, I love our French press and Moka Express (I don't like pour-over), but on mornings that require school drop-off, I opt for a faster, single-cup option. The dreaded wasteful Keurig (or off-brand, as mine is) has come to my rescue, but I've found ways to feel more comfortable about using it.

I'll back track a little bit and mention that I tried to switch to a Nespresso machine. I was very excited about the aluminum capsules and their recycling program. And I prefer the taste of espresso to drip coffee. It was a clear winner in my mind for a fast single-cup option. My body, however, felt differently, and I developed a crazy rash. Right before we went to Hawaii. When I realized what was causing the rash and stopped drinking Nespresso, it cleared up very quickly. Then a few months later, I tried drinking it again, and the rash popped back up. I researched and could find no good explanation. It should just be coffee grounds in aluminum, so it's still a mystery.

I returned to finding a better solution to plastic Keurig pods and found San Francisco Bay Coffee Company's OneCup options! It's a single-serve coffee pod that is made from plant-based renewable resources. They are biodegradable, compostable in some systems, and shipped in a biodegradable bag and recycled/recyclable box. The coffee grounds are Fair Trade and have an organic option in Organic Rainforest Blend. I buy a 36 count box about every 5 weeks.

In case you're interested, I bought an off brand single-serve coffee machine because it is much smaller and has a better design. You can find it here, though note that the OneCup coffee pods don't fit perfectly in this machine. It hasn't deterred me from using them together for the past year, so it's just a heads up.

Whenever the time presents itself, sometimes for my second cup of coffee after school drop-off or on the weekends, I very much love slow-method coffees. Look for Part 2 about my favorite slow coffee setups soon.

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