And her name is...

Tova Lisa Name.jpg

Tova - Hebrew for "good"
"Fashionably swift and petite, Tova also has a gentle graciousness. You can picture a Tova zipping masterfully down a ski slope, then baking brownies afterward. The name has both Norse and Hebrew origins for a global sound." - Baby Name Wizard

Lise - German "God is my oath"
"The international form of Lisa is disarmingly simple and uncommon. It gives you a fresh sound with traditional roots. The exact pronunciation is up to you: Leeze is the most standard, but you'll also hear LEESE, Leesa, and Leeza." - Baby Name Wizard
Her name will be pronounced "Leese"

Tova Lise Buckmaster

Horray for Tova!


20 Weeks

Yesterday we had an amazing day. We went to the doctor for Kallie's 20 week ultrasound.

PregAug20_20weeks2.jpgWe were both super anxious and didn't have to wait long at all for the nurse to take us to the ultrasound room. After seeing our baby for a few minutes, the nurse worked her way from the head to the toes. So it took a little while until we found out the sex...
It's a GIRL!! With certainty!

We already knew she was a wiggle worm - kicking and twirling around. She didn't let us down for the ultrasound - moving around, waving her hands, kicking her feet. It was fantastic! All of her organs and limbs look perfect. Simply beautiful! Her four heart chambers were pumping away. She's 12 ounces - just on schedule.

If you click on the photo, it'll take you to a few more from the ultrasound on Kallie's Flickr page.

Thank you for all of your much needed prayers and thoughts! We're half way through now - 20 more weeks to go! Keep praying for health! We're really looking forward to the coming months! Horray!

Much love, Kallie and David
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