Happy First Week of Spring!

Has it been exciting for you, too? The flowers are blooming and the weather has been wild. I keep being told that's how spring goes here. I've been through it once before, but I think last year was very different since we had an extra cold and snowy winter. We're definitely still learning!

Spring has me excited for peonies and tulips and berries and lavender. I just can't wait! The cherry blossom trees are starting to bloom with some other bulb flowers, and it's just magical.

Here are some photos from raspberry picking this past July. It was nearing the end of the season, but my friend found a man who would let us come pick some berries at his home farm. I won't recommend visiting him, but his yard was delightful. ;)
Start planning some fun summer outings!


Note: Kodak Portra 400 on Contax 645 with Planar T* 80mm f2 lens.

all images © Kallie Brynn Photography
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