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Hello, lovely readers!

Just checking in to apologize for being so absent lately. Things have been pleasantly hectic around here, so I've been spending more time doing household and family things. I'm afraid that will be the case for a while now, but I'll be sure to pop back in with photo posts as often as possible.

That said, David and I are crazy excited about planning a two week vacation to France in May!! I will be taking piles of film and would absolutely LOVE to shoot a session or so if I have any French fans out there! (Shout out to Cecile from Grenoble, who wrote me an email a few days before we decided to change our Pacific NW trip to France!)

We'll be flying into Paris, renting a car, and quickly making our way to the south coast. I was lucky enough to travel to France in 1999:
(in Eze, France, near where we'll be ending our trip)
and 2001:
(second from the right; in Biarritz - not sure if we'll make it there this trip or not)
(Sacre Coeur, taken on my dad's old film camera in the beginning stages of my love for photography),
so we'll stop in Paris for David to see the main sights before heading off to explore. We can't wait!

Cheers to dreaming and making them come true!

:) xox, Kallie


My husband, the writer.

My husband checked off one of his life goals this week. His List was published on McSweeney's Internet Tendency. I couldn't be happier for him.
Click HERE to read "Your Place in the Social Security Number-Based Caste System of the Future." by David Buckmaster (his name is not D.J. Those are his initials, taken from his email.)

Many cheers for setting and accomplishing goals. (David makes a list on a post-it note and puts it on his work computer every year to remind him daily to work toward his goals.)


right image © Kallie Brynn Photography


Nubia's Pregnancy Session Featured on On To Baby

I've been chomping at the bits to share this gorgeous pregnancy session of my lovely friend, Nubia! It was just featured on the new "All things lovely for baby & mom" blog On To Baby, created by The Wedding Chicks ladies!

This film photo session was taken on two rolls of Fuji Pro 400H 120 film. That's 32 exposures, and it took about half an hour. The 4 rolls of film would take approximately an hour, and the 6 rolls, about an hour and a half!
{Examples of 4 rolls of film posts are: HERE, HERE, and HERE.}

Nubia and Wes's sweet baby girl, Emery, was born February 12th, happy and healthy.

Also, it was a nice surprise to see a photo from David's 25th birthday fiesta on one of my favorite kids' party blogs, Hip Hip Hooray! See the post HERE!

Many blessings for Nubia and Wes's sweet family!


all images © Kallie Brynn Photography

Film Photography Sessions

Three bits of very exciting news to share today!

First, I am 6 hours post-op from having LASIK eye surgery! (I'm writing this at 9pm Thursday night.) I can already see such a huge improvement since the haze I was in right after the procedure. Then I took a nap and things are starting to look amazing! I cannot wait until the morning, after a good nights' sleep. This is HUGE news for KBP! I'm so excited to get behind a camera and not second-guess my focusing, not have to pause to wipe smudges from my glasses, and actually be able to hold the camera right up to my eye. So excited!

Second is the announcement of my newly developed Film Photography Sessions plan, pricing, and packet. I'm excited about all of the possibilities this plan, based on number of rolls of film taken, can open up for new clients. This goes beyond engagement sessions to eateries, products, lifestyle (everyday life and love!), pregnancy, newborn, and more! I hope you'll be so excited, you'll want to book a session (and let me flex my new eyes)! Below are pages from the packet. You can always email me for the Packet, and can download the pdf onto your computer here: http://www.kalliebrynn.com/KallieBrynnPhotographyExperienceSessions.pdf.

Third is an amazing feature and an example of a TWO ROLLS OF FILM session - coming in the next blog post!

Wishing you a happy Friday!


all images © Kallie Brynn Photography
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