Brock and Jayme

Brock and Jayme had a gorgeous wedding at the Embassy Suites in downtown Tampa. Jayme was stunning and the whole day had such a fun-loving energy. Here's a quick teaser! More to come!


Congrats, Jayme and Brock! David and I are so excited for you!! We had such a lovely time!

Love, Kallie

The Time has Flown

Sorry I've been so MIA lately! November was an intense month.

I had two absolutely gorgeous weddings to shoot. I'm working on those photos now and am, unfortunately, behind in my progress. I was also hired to shoot a corporate Christmas party, which was so much fun! Lots of photos, lots of editing, never enough time!

The end of the month brought tons of ups and downs. First, David threw me an amazing surprise 25th birthday party! It was so much fun and friends from college as well as church here in Lakeland came over and made my week! Best of all was Anisha, who came while on vacation from school in South Carolina.
Birthday Nov 09

The Gainesville peeps, after the party:
Birthday Nov 09
Birthday Nov 09

The next day was one of the November weddings. My parents drove down from Tallahassee to watch Tova, but my Grandmother was having medical issues, so David's parents came over so they could drive back. Grandma went into ICU that day and passed away on Tuesday. It was more abrupt than we had expected. She was supposed to have her back fixed and her pain was supposed to be relieved and she would be walking pain free again. But it ended up that Grandma's weak heart wasn't pumping enough blood to her body and that what was thought to be complications with surgeries was actually dead organs. Her siblings died in a similar manner. She was a good, strong woman of God and will be missed greatly. Please continue to pray for my mother, as she was Grandma's primary caregiver. This is a difficult change for her. But overall, we rejoice in knowing that Grandma Jo is now complete and knows fully the joy, love, and health that come from her Lord. We love you, Grandma.

Well, David got off of work that morning and we packed up and headed to Tallahassee a day early. That day and the next weren't the best, but Thanksgiving (and my real birthday) helped the mood get a little lighter. We had a nice time and had (have) much to be thankful for. David drove back home for the new work week and I stayed a full week. Being away from home for so long started stressing me out because I have so much work to get done! Though...being home hasn't made the stress dissipate much! :/

While in Tallahassee, I found out that my best friend from college and maid of honor in my wedding, KATIE, got ENGAGED to ALEX! I am still so giddy about this!!! We knew Alex in college, but they didn't start dating until, well, not too many months ago! They are SO perfect for each other and I couldn't be happier about two wonderful friends getting MARRIED!!! I am incredibly honored and excited to be a bridesmaid in the wedding and to completely enjoy their big day! It will be so lovely to be engaged in their wedding and not working - a first in a long time! So I have recommended my FAVE photographers to Katie. We will see...! :)

UF lost their first game since T was born. Thankfully we were with family and friends and had a nice night anyway.

This past weekend, we had the best time at our good friends, the Kelso's, ugly Christmas sweater party. The pictures are amazing and hilarious - and stolen from facebook, so the quality is pretty rough!
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Lastly, we sent out our Christmas cards (limited funds = limited supply). They are based off of this photo, taken in 1985:
1985 Trevathan Family.jpg
This is Kallie with her parents.

And here is our version in Christmas card format (Kallie's design):
Christmas Card 2009.jpg
Merry Christmas!

Yes, that's the same dress. :)
And some hilarious take-outs:
Christmas card outtakes
Christmas card outtakes

Wedding teaser photos to come!

Thank you so much for your support. We greatly appreciate our friends, family, and friendly internet strangers. Hopefully you're enjoying the holidays!

Love, K


The way it used to be.

I miss blogging the random little things of every day life.

Alas, life has changed and it's hard to find time to do my actual paid job, much less write random paragraphs for fun. I shouldn't even be doing this right now. I am so behind.

I'll forget I just wrote that.

Tova is sick. She's been really lucky and hasn't been ill much during her first almost-year of life. Can you believe she's over 10 and a half months old? Ridiculous! She hates having her snotty nose wiped clean. She's a mess.

I turn 25 on Thanksgiving day. This is the first birthday where I feel any sort of emotion toward it. I'm actually growing up. Forget that I'm a college graduate, a wife, and a mother. No, the number twenty-five is what has smacked me up side the head (wow, that expression writes weird, hah!) I have to say, I'm pleased with what I've accomplish in a quarter of a century. If I can keep going at this pace, I'll have a very fulfilled and adventurous life. And I have the best partner and little munchkin to take along for the ride. Quite looking forward to it. Oh, and David is up to something for tomorrow. Not sure what's going on....

No more wasting time.

Mid-August through September (7-8 months old) are posted HERE now. A few favorites:

This one didn't end well. I was too busy taking photos to catch her. Those bruises lasted a while...

Love, K


Seth and Michelle - Film and Upload!

I'm still working on getting additional film photos to become part of my routine - and figuring out what that new routine will be. That said, it took a while, but I finally got the film back from Seth and Michelle's wedding. Here are my favorites!


Congratulations, Seth and Michelle!

The entire album is now available on my proofing website HERE for viewing! I hope you enjoy!!

Love, Kallie


Seth and Michelle - Teaser

I was so excited to book my first out-of-state wedding this year! Granted, it was just over the border in St. Marys, Georgia, north of Jacksonville. But it was fun to be in a beautiful waterfront town with so much history.

The First Presbyterian Church, where the wedding was held, is the oldest Presbyterian church building in the state of Georgia. It also has the distinction of being the oldest building in Georgia that has been in continuous use as a church since its erection in 1808. St. Marys is the second oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. And they had a rock shrimp festival while we were there!

The wedding was beautiful and easy-going, which is always a treat! We had a lovely time getting to know the family (the bride's parents knew David's family when they lived in Tampa a long time ago) and having the opportunity to be a part of such a lovely day. Enjoy!


Love, K!
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