Tova's Birth Announcements

Supplies were tight for our announcements, so we couldn't send them out to everyone. If you haven't seen it, here it is:


The process:
Kallie bought 12x12" sheets of paper and cut them to A4 size and then rounded the corners. She then had 8x10" photo sheets printed out with 20 images each (she needs to have another sheet made, so there's a chance that yours is still on its way) and used her Martha Stewart circle cutter on them. She burned two silk screens on her Gocco machine, one for green, one for pink. Then she printed them all - green, then pink. She wasn't patient enough, so most of the announcements have some ink on the back from being stacked. Oops! Then she used heavy duty tape to affix the photo. It was a great project!


Love, d&k
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