Tova's Party Update

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming love for Tova's party!  It has been so exciting to see the responses the past week or so!

Tova's party was featured on one of the big inspirational party blogs I used while planning, Party Perfect.  See that post HERE.

I wrote a post on another big inspirational blog, Tangled and True, as a guest blogger!
*Update: It's up!  See the post HERE.

Rebecca at lilsugar.com used some of the photos for her Smash Cakes article!

Lauren Makes had a lovely post HERE.

Another mom used my cake topper as inspiration for a topper at her baby shower.  See that post HERE.

The Sweetest Occasion was so sweet to start the post with "My oh my." Love it! See that post HERE.

That lead to a post on Wiley Valentine. See that HERE.

Then Tanya at Save the Date for Cupcakes asked if they could do a feature. See that HERE.

Another feature on Kinser Event Company's blog HERE.

The Sweetest Occasion's post was reposted on Weddinic!  See that HERE.

A photo was posted on the beautiful blog Creative Odds 'n Ends HERE with some of my favorite photos that have been floating around the Webs. Quite honored.

Pinata love at Double-Sided Tape HERE and You Are My Fave HERE.

So wonderful! If you're visiting from one of these blogs, welcome and thank you for stopping by! Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you.

Like I said, the response has been wonderful!  Thank you all so much!

All of the photos from Tova's party have now been posted online HERE.  If you would like to download the originals to print (mostly talking to family), send me an email and I'll give you the password.

Much love,


  1. Soo glad you loved the post! Tova's party was amazing and I just love all of the photos. Can't wait to see next year's party! ;-)

  2. Kallie you're everywhere! That is amazing! WOOHOO!


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