While in NYC, I was super excited to catch up with one of my longest-known friends, Angela. We had a great time catching up while walking The Highline Park and stopped in for a snack, where I snapped a few photos.


I've loved keeping up with Angela's work. In particular, she and some friends founded a nonprofit, 100cameras, that gives kids in bleak living conditions cameras to document their lives.

The photos they take are shown in exhibitions in NYC to raise awareness and money that is sent back to meet the children's needs. Prints are also available for sale on their website.

I absolutely love this idea. I think simply giving kids a creative outlet to express themselves and let them know their work has value is an accomplishment in itself. Please go visit 100cameras.org and help support what they're doing!


It was so lovely to see you again, Angela!

Love, Kallie

all images © Kallie Brynn Photography


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